About Calgary Omnimap

Calgary Omnimap is a unified map of Calgary, designed to get you from point A to point B, whether you're walking around the Plus 15, riding a bike along the Glenmore Reservoir, or driving across town. Omnimap is built to work on everything from 4K TVs to budget smartphones. Omnimap updates all of its data in real time (or as quickly as the data source allows), meaning it can also be used as a live dashboard.

This project began its life about a few days before the CivicTechYYC 2019 hackathon. I wanted to build a single cross-platform tool that would combine the best features of City of Calgary Bikeways and Pathways, City of Calgary Roads, 511AB, and the City's proposed Plus 15 app. At that time, Omnimap was a Jupyter notebook that manually generated maps, and as such was little more than a mock-up. During the hackathon, many ideas were brainstormed, some of which are now implemented in the version you see here.

After the hackathon, I rewrote the whole project using Flask and Leaflet. The Flask backend converts all data sources that aren't already available as GeoJSON to GeoJSON, meaning that future frontends could be built from using any mapping framework that supports GeoJSON. This rewrite is what became the current version of Omnimap.

Omnimap is still in an experimental phase. If you have any issues with it, feel free to post them to the issue tracker on Github.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me at raelynn@hattie.email.

Data sources

Omnimap pulls data from the following sources:

Overlay Data